As a long-standing automotive supplier, we can present sound experience regarding various applications. Whether 0 ppm, just-in-time delivery or component development, our performance is rewarded by top supplier ratings and audit results. Our customers include BMW, Porsche, Audi and Volkswagen. For years. Of course we are certified according to IATF 16949 and ISO 14001.


Being a long-established partner for medical technology companies, we exactly know the high demands set on the end products. No matter if you require a balloon made from silicone or a moulded seal used in apparatus engineering:

All our products are optimized in terms of manufacturability, but also for subsequent use in terms of sterilization and regular cleaning. In close dialogue with our customers we are able to develop high-quality products at competitive prices which meet the endcustomers‘ expectations. No matter if you require DIN EN ISO 13485 or clean room production, let’s discuss your ideas and specifications together! 


Electronic components have to withstand a lot during their product life. Our housings and seals protect sensitive components from impacts, water and dust. Design and optimization of components is a matter of course for us. But this is still not enough: We also gladly take over assembly tasks for you! 


A sealing ring for sanitary applications has been our initial product and the start of our story! From day one, we have been supplying sanitary industry customers with sealings and plastic parts. We exactly know the requirements for materials, surfaces and manufacturing processes and we do not stop developping our performances – our liquid silicone part production, for instance. 

Baby products

Trust from the very beginning. Of course, this is what you stand for as a manufacturer of baby products. It goes without saying that quality and function of every detail must be one hundred percent correct. Thanks to our experience in plastic part production, in liquid silicone and 2-component-applications, as well as in component testing and cleanliness, you can count on our support as reliable partner! From first sketch to serial supply: Get your benefit from our know-how! 

Food products

Drinking water and food are basic parts of human beeing care. Therefore, all products that come into contact with them have particularly high requirements. We ensure your top quality product!

The raw materials we use comply with all current approvals such as FDA and KTW. Furthermore, we follow up high cleanliness standards in terms of tooling, production processes and packaging. Get informed about our capabilities! 


0 ppm due to our fully automatic testing equipment. 

Is daily life for us: CO2-neutal production. 



We are pleased to inform you about our experience in various industries.

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