Reality for us: CO2-neutral production

Our entrepreneurial behavior is based on a clear attitude for the preservation of a healthy environment. That´s why we made our way to “Climate Neutral Company”. Through a series of voluntary investments and measures, we reduce and offset CO2 - among others, by promoting the “World Forest Climate Initiative” of the Senate of the Economy e.V. Since the beginning of 2019, we are working and producing 100% carbon-neutral.

Our measures for climate neutralization

Climate-neutral work routes

Since 1st January 2017, every employee has come to work in a climate-neutral manner

Worldwide reforestation

We joined the World Forest Foundation (WFF); an international reforestation program against climate change.

Climate neutral electricity supply

We already generate ourselves a part of our electricity needs through the use of photovoltaic and cover the rest of the electricity needs completely with green electricity.

Climate neutral heating

We use the heat generated in the production process for our company buildings.

Paperless office

We have implemented a document management system that saves half of our original paper demand.

Emission-free mobility

We use hybrid vehicles in our vehicle fleet.

Kremer climate neutral 2019

Thermoplast Fakten
  • Promotion of „World Forest Climate Initiative“
  • Promotion of “World Forest Foundation”
  • Use of photovoltaic
  • Use of heat recovery
  • Use of hybrid vehicles
  • Offering from service bicycle leasing






Hybrid Fuhrpark

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