March 2022

Helping is important to us!

The current war between Russia and Ukraine shocks us.
So many innocent people have already lost their belongings or their lives.

We don't want to just stand idly by, we want to help!
For this reason, we have joined the Senate of Commerce's appeal for donations and made a donation.

Together we can help alleviate the suffering of so many innocent people.
If you would also like to donate, you can follow the link below, among others:

Stadtlauf Hanau

February 2022

Successfully put into operation!

Full of joy we have put our three new and above all modern production lines into operation!

Two of the machines are intended for the production of plastic molded parts.
One machine is used for the production of molded parts made of LSR.

Among other things, all the three machines are specially designed for smaller shot weights and also enjoy good energy efficiency.

Stadtlauf Hanau

February 2022

From now on even more self-produced green electricity!

The expansion of our phtovoltaic system has been completed.

After the successful acceptance by the energy supplier, we will produce and use even more eco-electricity
at the Bad Soden-Salmünster site in the future.

Stadtlauf Hanau

January 2022

A happy and healthy new year!

We wish everyone a happy and especially healthy new year!
This year already holds two exciting moments for our company:

On the one hand, we will put our three new machines into operation in February 2022.
Secondly, we are already looking forward to participating in this year's K trade fair in October 2022.

Stadtlauf Hanau

December 2021

Happy holidays!

Dear business partners,

Christmas is just around the corner and the year is coming to an end.
We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the good cooperation.

This year has once again presented us all with a number of challenges.

That is why we wish you and your families a peaceful and relaxing holiday season and only the best for the
New Year! Stay healthy!

From 05 January 2022 we will be available for you again!

Your team from company Kremer-Kautschuk-Kunststoff GmbH & Co. KG
Your team from company Kremer-Silicon GmbH


Stadtlauf Hanau

November 2021

Updating of machinery

In November we are updating our machinery with 2 more machines at our site in Bad Soden-Salmünster.
At the end of February 2022 we expect an additional 2 new machines (as announced in June 2021).

Stadtlauf Hanau

June 2021

Order of additional machines!

We are pleased to add three new machines to our machine fleet.
Two machines will be used for the production of molded parts from plastic.
Another machine in the area of production of molded parts made of liquid silicone.

Among other things, these machines are specially designed for smaller shot weights and also enjoy good energy efficiency.

Stadtlauf Hanau

June 2021

Expansion of our photovoltaic system!

Environmental protection is very impotant to us.
We already generate a part of our electricity demand ourselves by using photovoltaics and cover the remaining electricity demand completely by green electritcity.

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