Quality management

The criterion of 'quality' runs through all divisions. Good training and ongoing education and teamwork with high synergy effects make the highest production and product quality possible. This is not at least confirmed by the certificate according to IATF 16949.

We act according to the guidelines of the DIN EN ISO 14001. Our continuing goal is to offer you the greatest possible benefits. Our customers approve that we are on the right path.


Controlling of all production stages

Our qualified staff constantly controls the product quality in all production steps. Therefore we inspect and test; incoming goods, production as well as outgoing goods and document everything in CAQ-System. Of course we issue specific test reports for you if requested. Initial sampling happens according to standard procedures (VDA, PPAP). The quality management system promotes the process of continuous improvement (CIP). For this we appreciate your additions for a continuous improvement.


Guiding principals

Our guiding principles and their explanations are committed and written down in our company credo. These principles are our mission statement. They include the long-term aims, the desired field of activity and the behavioral framework for all functional areas. The Sustainable Balanced Scorecard (SBS) are to be achieved in the long term corporate. In contrast to the classic Balanced Scorecard (BSC) contains the SBS addition to the established economic aims also the ecological and social aims. This way we make sure that a one-way target tracking is avoided and sustainable aims considered.

Production quality

Optical testing facility

For the testing of safety-related precision parts, we have a fully automatic image processing inspection system available. The parts are detected visually by camera and laser systems in a split second. The produced digital images are processed electronically. The test decision is made on the basis of optical and dimensional criteria. In this way, we combine the highest precision and quality with low costs


Our part-specific peripheral allows the removal from the mold, the separation and the reunification to assemblies or packaging units together. A further step towards automation is the optical test equipment. As a 0 ppm supplier we guarantee 100% inspection for the whole delivery.


According to customer request we manufacture sample molds, for which we always have reserved resources in the mold making. This process ensures high quality, perfect interaction with other assemblies parts as well as flexibility at low cost.


Qualität Fakten
  • Certificates:
    IATF 16949
    ISO 14001
  • Act according to common quality manage- ment systems (FMEA, KAIZEN, Balanced Scorecard)
  • 0 ppm supplier by a camera-supported final inspection


 Optische Prüfeinrichtung



 Qualitaet Automatisierung

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