We are experts for molded parts made of thermoplastic, elastomeric and liquid silicone. Over five decades experience in manufacturing and in many industries makes us your ideal partner. Discuss your ideas with us: From component design to manufacturing the first prototypes up to a reliable series supply. Your advantage? Lower costs and full concentration on your business.


The foundation of every now projects: experience

With over 50 years experience in the production of moldings we give you the best foundation for a high quality and reliable serial production. Despite all the technology: Experience is the most important component in constructions.


Be curious!

Through clever constructions and the use of master mold we create prototypes in short time and with low costs. So you have first components available when they are still in the development phase.


Everything you need

Just-in-time, safety stock, consignment stores, barcode systems and individual packaging concepts - only a few keywords to ensure you that your goods will be at the right time at the right place. Reliably for each delivery. From the very beginning.


No doubt: Quality first!

All production facilities are connected to a central computer system. This way we can reach a maximum transparency and we have a constant quality control in the manufacturing process. Through to our integrated mold maintenance a smoothly run is also supported. All of this leads to more efficiency in the entire production. An advantage that we like to pass on to our customers.


More than just injection molding

Mounting, lettering, painting, stamping, unite to assemblies: with our customized solutions we create the basis for the integration of all processes. Whether fully automatically or manually - definitely matched on to your requirements.

Zero Mistakes - makes 100 %  satisfaction

Already in the inquiry phase, we give the foundation for a reliable manufacture and testing. The entire manufacturing process is individually adapted to your project. Our aim: 0 ppm and the most satisfied customers in the world! We achieve this daily by our fully automatic camera systems, either online or downstream of the already in high quality manufactured automatically checked, counted and packed products. This gives you a hundred percent safety. And us the title: Zero ppm supplier.


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  • Top quality
  • High delivery reliability
  • Competitive prices
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